What Is A Stroke?

A stroke is a potentially deadly occurrence that happens when an artery leading to the brain becomes clogged or breaks. It commonly leaves the victim with either minor or major disabilities because brain cells die and cannot be repaired. The most common type of stroke is called an Ischemic stroke, which means it is caused by a clog in the artery. Depending on where this occurs in the brain, many different types of damage is potential. There are ways to prevent Ischemic stroke and it is important that you do everything that is necessary so that you do not suffer from life-altering disadvantages.

The right and left side of the brain control different parts of you. The two sides control the opposite side of the body so if paralysis occurs it will likely only be to one half of your body. If you have a stroke that affects the right part of your brain you will be at risk of losing vision. One the other hand, strokes affecting the left side may cause speech problems as a result. Any brain cells that die will cause memory loss and paralysis that may take over parts or the entire side of your body.

High cholesterol is a leading cause of stroke because bad cholesterol clogs arteries. It is also related directly to developing heart disease, which makes you susceptible to heart related problems, which include stroke and heart attack. Your doctor can test your cholesterol levels at any time in your life, and it is necessary to have this done before it is too late. Being overweight, smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and genetics can all be causes of elevated levels that may cause you harm. Exercise and restrictive diet are the first suggestions that the doctor may give to bring your cholesterol level down to a manageable level. It may also be necessary to restrict your diet to get rid of sugars and saturated fats because they can cause elevated levels of bad cholesterol. There are also medications that the doctor may put you on if other methods of cholesterol control are ineffective.

Your best friend when it comes to health is a doctor. Annual physicals and check-ups can keep any risk factors in check, which include anything that puts you at risk for stroke. High cholesterol is known to be a risk and should be kept under control to prevent heart disease and stroke from happening.

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