Cures For The Bronchitis Condition

Bronchitis conditions are usually viral infections and are known for being contagious since it can be acquired through contact with a person suffering from such infection and it can travel by air. This infection can be a stepping stone for other branching infections or complications such as pneumonia and emphysema, not to mention that it can also lead to lung cancer should an individual not be treated and further exposed to factors that may worsen the condition of the patient.

This kind of respiratory disease is where the mucus membrane in the lungs’ bronchial passageway is inflamed. This causes the membrane to become irritated which will grow and swell thicker. In turn, the lungs' tiny airways narrows down and/or shuts off, which results in breathlessness and coughing spells that is usually associated with thick phlegm.

Some doctors advise their patients to use Albuterol and Ipratropium inhalers, these drugs are both by prescription. If the patient has fever and discolored phlegm, then the doctor may advise antibiotics. However, some persons who has experience such condition recommend a Z pack. It is usually taken 5 pills a day for not less than 5 days. It should stop the congestion but a cough will still be there so your doctor may write you a cough syrup that will help you get rid of the left cough and get you some rest.

Another solution to bronchitis, if you are a smoker the best treatment to the condition is to stop smoking although it is easier said than done, your doctor may also give you some Mucinex it is an over the counter kind of medicine at any drugstore and you will also have to take in more fluids like water, even sodas and juice will do but not coffee. Should a cough occur with your bronchitis, Codeine will help you stop it but if you are sick of tablets and capsules, you should try mixing lemon juice and honey, it works, not as well as Codeine though.

Meanwhile, if you have chronic bronchitis, what helps a lot is to have a cool mist steamer running while sleeping. You may also try some Chinese food remedies like the following:

1. 500 mg unpeeled pear or radish (crushed and soaked in honey).

2. Make a soup out of boiled licorice in water over low heat.

3. Put a peeled grapefruit inside the chicken cavity. Cook by steaming the chicken in a pan by adding a little water. Drink the chicken broth and eat the chicken.

4. For older patients with chronic bronchitis, It is recommended that they should eat seafoods and yam.

According to some sources there are so many ways to cure it, like by drinking onion juice mixed with honey, or onion decoction which is said to give relief from coughing that is usually associated with bronchitis. You can also try boiling pepper powder in milk and then drinking it or you can also lick pepper powder mixed with ghee and sugar. Bronchitis can also be cured by drinking a mixture of 2 teaspoons of green ginger juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Bronchitis is also cured by drinking roasted asafetida mixed in warm water. One should also try the combination of raisins and sugar kept ion mouth while sucked.

The condition can also be treated by sucking on pomegranate fruit skin. Eating some dates while drinking warm water can dilute and remove the cough, thereby relieving the symptoms of bronchitis.

There are yet more ways to cure bronchitis however, if we do not take good care of our bodies and continue to do things that may weaken our immune system, infections such as bronchitis will always be there to threaten us.

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