Stop Blaming Mom: Genetics And Bodybuilding

There's always going to be something about your body that you don't like and can't easily change. For average people, its things like eye color or shoe size, but for bodybuilders, its things like narrow shoulders. Instead of obsessing over these details, learn what you can do to optimize your workout to help fix the problem-and then learn to accept your body for what it is.

Of course, most people simply use genetics as an excuse. If your calves are a problem spot, for example, it's easy to say that this is your parents problem area as well and move on to bench presses or crunches. This is exactly what you should not do! If you calves are the problem, you should begin your workout training these muscles and spend longer and more intense time working to improve this area. Instead, studies show that people are simply giving up and moving on to muscle groups where they can easily get results. Stick it out-by training your problem spots, you will see results in the end, even if the gains are smaller than in other areas. Ask for advice from professional bodybuilders and trainers to optimize your workout for the muscles that are troubling you, and be sure to know your limits; overtraining will only add to the problem.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you have to live with the way your body was made. Men, for example, want to have broad shoulders, but you can't physically do a whole lot if your shoulders are narrow. Instead, you can create the illusion that you have broad shoulders. First, tone the area to define your muscles. Then, trick the mind into believing your shoulders are wider by proportioning your body accordingly. For example, lose extra weight in the abdominal area to give yourself the V shape of the traditional Greek modal. Another trait that you cannot change is height. Shorter bodybuilders will always be able to build bigger and better muscles, because their limbs are not as long. Tall guys-you can still build muscle, just remember that you will have to put forth more effort to lift the same amount of weight.

Overall, don't blame genetics for too much. True, you may have a predisposition, but you can still tone and define muscles in your problem areas with a little extra work. In the end, learn to accept the things you cannot change and focus on keeping your body healthy overall.

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