Human Growth Hormone: Natural Or Injections?

A chemical that is becoming highly talked about in today's bodybuilding world is the Human Growth Hormone, or GH. There are many benefits to having high levels of GH in your body if you are trying to build body mass, especially in later stages of life. However, there are ongoing disputes as to if GH levels are sufficiently raised naturally or if bodybuilders can benefit by injecting GH into their system. Before you use GH or any kind of exercise or weight related supplement, whether it is a natural substance or not, consult your doctor. He or she will be able to give you a run down of the disadvantages and benefits to GH and other drugs, as well as give you professional advice on how and when to use it.

GH is most predominately found in our bodies when we are children. GH levels are high at this stage in life to promote tissue growth and help our bodies keep up with rapid height and weight changes. It also helps regulate our metabolism, explaining why kids seem to burn off food and have more energy than adults do. Using GH before you have stopped growing can be very dangerous. After we are done going through puberty, levels of GH begin to drop off, and by later adulthood, GH is no longer one of the major hormones in the body. There are two things we can do to raise GH levels naturally.

First, get a good night's sleep. The old wives' tale that lack of sleep can stunt growth may not be as ridiculous as it sounds-if you do not get enough rest, GH levels will drop and your body tissues will not grow at the optimal rate. For starters, get to bed early. GH is a hormone that is released during the first part of the night. Try to get the recommended amount of sleep, because cutting it short cuts the amount of time in which GH is released in the body. For bodybuilders, this means that your muscles will grow less during the days you rest.

GH levels can also be naturally raised through exercise. Weight training and endurance training naturally has a positive effect on the hormone, so being a bodybuilder is half the battle. As you age, you may notice the effects of less GH in your body-namely, your metabolism slows down and it is more difficult to build muscle mass. Counteract this naturally by training more than the recommended amount for your age group. As always consult your doctor about what is appropriate.

If you decide to take GH supplements, weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully. When used correctly, there can be some benefits, but you can still develop health problems. When abused, GH can be very risky. Do your research, and always consider use natural methods to raise GH levels instead.

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