Considering A Long-Term Medication For Bipolar

Bipolar is a disorder that many people all over the world suffer from; some are already diagnosed with the disease but a lot of undiagnosed cases are also noted. What people should know is that bipolar disorder can worsen if it remains untreated. And therefore, those individuals who think that they have the disorder must seek medical attention at once to get the proper treatment and medication.

Having episodes is but natural for a person having bipolar disorder. Though it may not bother the individual, his or her family members and friends may be gravely affected by it. Your doctor can prescribe medications to control or treat the current episode symptoms. Medications for bipolar patients may be for short term only, but now, the FDA has approved a particular medication that is intended for long term treatments.

The medication is called Lamictal. This medication is especially for adults with bipolar I. Clinical studies have shown that Lamictal prevents mood episodes for extended periods. Although it may not remove initial mania or depression feelings, preventing the episodes from occurring is already for the good of the patient.

Only your doctor can tell if Lamictal is the right medication for you. Long term studies on bipolar showed that the medication delays time until the mood episodes need additional treatment. Depression symptoms last longest and LAMICTAL is quite effective in delaying it. If you want a long term medication that offers stability for about eighteen months, Lamictal may be for you.

You must remember that this medication is not offered for all bipolar patients. Those patients using LAMICTAL can tolerate the medication. Some were able to experience side effects like headache, dizziness, double or blurred vision, sleepiness, nausea, lacks coordination, vomiting, rash and insomnia. There are also cases when patients require hospitalization due to severe skin reactions; but this is very rare and happens mostly with children.

Lamictal is best prescribed for people 18 years and older, and is used as a standard therapy. You must be warned that the effectiveness of this medication is not yet established.

How can you start using Lamictal ? It's quite easy especially if your doctor thinks that the medication will work for you. Kits are available which makes it easier for you to follow the course of your medication. If you want to achieve the best results, make sure that you take the medication as prescribed. And it is important to bear these things in mind:

1. Your doctor will let you start using Lamictal whether you're having an episode or not, since the medication is specifically for delaying episodes and not as an on-the-spot treatment.

2. Your doctor will prescribe a low dose at first which will gradually increase over time.

3. If you experience any problems or side effects, inform y our doctor immediately.

4. You can only experience full effect after several weeks of using Lamictal. If during the initial period of taking the medication you experience distressing experiences and thoughts, inform your doctor immediately or go to a hospital. In the event that your mood episodes worsen, contact your doctor.

When you're taking any medication, make sure that you follow your plan. Bipolar disorder is already a condition that you're bound to suffer all your life. When you're already feeling well and better, that doesn’t mean that you can stop medication.

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