A Close Look At Trileptal For Bipolar Disorder

When you or a loved one is inflicted with bipolar disorder, you think that there is no end to keeping things in order. It seems that answers to your dilemma have far-fetched solutions. Yet, there is a key to every faced dilemma, it may not be too soon but there is.

These days, common symptoms such as excessive and uncontrollable moods can be prevented with Trileptal.

Scientifically, Trileptal is referred to as "oxcarbazepine." Trileptal is a medication suited to stabilize the mood. It is also an "anticonvulsant" drug. This medication is principally utilized to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder.

Physical Characteristics of Trileptal

There are four types of Trileptal depending on the patient's dosage need. Among the different types of Trileptal, three are tablets. All tablets have a line in the middle which is commonly referred to as "breakline." All tablets come in Blister pack.

The least tablet dosage is Trileptal 150 mg. This type of tablet can be distinguished by its pale gray green tablet with initials T D on one side and C G on the other side.

Three hundred (300) mg is the next dosage after Trileptal 150. It is a yellow tablet with initials TE TE on one side and CG CG on the other.

The highest Trileptal dosage is 600 mg. The tablet is notable by its light pink color. It also has CG CG initials on one side and TF TF on the other side.

Another type of Trileptal is the oral suspension. It is stored in an amber glass bottle wherein the suspension is off-white to reddish brown in color.

Side Effects of Trileptal

Like any other medications, Trileptal also have side effects. Some common side effects are giddiness, sleepiness, double and irregular vision, exhaustion, vomiting, lose of balance, stomach pains and indigestion, and shivering.

Pregnant women must be cautious in taking Trileptal since studies show that there is a possibility for the unborn child to develop birth defects.

There are individuals taking Trileptal who reports that they experience a "sedative effect" when this medication is taken with alcohol and painkillers. In addition, some patients also observe weight gain.

Some uncommon side effect of Trileptal is decrease in blood sodium wherein you may experience less passing of urine, headache, puzzlement, weakness and on extreme cases convulsions and coma.

When Not To Use Trileptal

Not all individuals can be relieved by Trileptal. There are those who are sensitive to this type of medication such as individuals:

- With kidney problems
- With heart problems
- With liver problems
- With intolerance to fructose
- Allergic to "carbamazepine"
- With very low level of sodium in the blood

Hence it is wise to consult your physician before taking Trileptal to prevent other uneventful things to happen.

Trileptal may be the solution you are seeking to give you or a loved one temporary relief from bipolar disorder. In your hands is the responsibility when you take this medication. No harm is done when you know how to properly use the medicines you are taking, especially if it is a medication to stabilize your mood.

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