Paget's Disease: Prevention And Treatment

There are a number of different kinds of arthritic conditions-over 100-and one of these conditions is a debilitating disorder known as Paget's Disease. This form of arthritis usually affects patients who are in their later years of life, between the ages of 50 and 70. This chronic skeletal condition is similar to osteoarthritis, so it sometimes gets misdiagnosed at first. Paget's Disease can be very painful and make life difficult, but there are many things you can do to prevent this disease from ever happening as well as a number of treatment options if you have already begun to develop this disease.

Paget's Disease is characterized by enlarged and deformed bone structure in one or more parts of the body. The pelvis, legs, skull, and back are most commonly affected in this disease, which results in high amounts of arthritic pain and can also account for hearing loss when occurring in the skull. Patient's bones are very fragile and therefore fractures occur easily. There is no one known cause of Paget's Disease, but there are many things a patient can do if they develop this type of painful condition.

Paget's Disease occurs when the enzyme SAP is overproduced in the bone, causing it to abnormally grow and become weak. By measuring SAP, doctors can accurately determine if the pain you are experiencing is due to Paget's, although you many see some other tell-tale signs, such as bowed limbs. SAP is measured most often with a blood test and higher than normal levels, along with normal kidney function, indicate Paget's Disease. Doctors can also use SAP level readings to chart how patients are reacting to certain forms of treatment for their condition.

Bisphosphonates and calcitonin are the two types of drugs that are available by the Food and Drug Administration to treat Paget's Disease. Doctors may also sometimes recommend surgery for fractures or extreme deformities. Alternative medical treatment options can also help patients cope with the pain. This includes acupuncture, massage, cupping, meditation, and Eastern exercises like yoga.

It is important to remain optimistic throughout your treatment. Paget's Disease can be extremely painful, but it is possible for patients to live fulfilling lives even when suffering for this disease. Learn all you can about this condition and stay educated on new medications and treatment options so that you can best take care of your body and stay as healthy as possible.

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