Healthy Living: Common Arthritic Mistakes

If you are at risk for arthritis or have recently been diagnosed, there are a number of things you can do to help battle this condition. However, many people who later more severely suffer from the disease have found that their condition has worsened because they did not follow their doctor's advice at onset. Arthritis, contrary to popular belief, is a very serious medical condition and you must learn to do all that you can to combat it in its early stages. This can ultimately lead to a healthier life in your later years. The following are some common mistakes that people make when they are first experiencing joint pain.

Seeing your doctor regularly is important. If you are experiencing joint stiffness, pain, or swelling, you should suspect arthritis. Of course, this is not always the case, but many people tend to brush off what could be signs of a very serious condition. By catching arthritis before much damage has been done to your joints, you can begin a new exercise program and take medications that will stop the onset of arthritis. This can add years to your life and prevent horrible pain in your joints later down the road. Arthritis is a disease that affects a person for many months and then suddenly may go into remission. Don't just let your pain go away. It will always come back, and it will be a little worse every time. It is important to see your doctor now.

A second mistake people make is not taking the medications or herbal supplements as suggested by their doctor. It is a good idea to get a second opinion if you believe your doctor has not suggested the best course of action. However, you should ultimately trust medical professionals in most cases. By not taking your medications, you could hurt your chances of a pain-free future. Taking the wrong dosages is a common mistake as well. Ask your pharmacist to cut your pills if needed and get help from a relative with filling a pillbox every week. Certain drugs interact with the body and with one another in ways that could be deadly if taken in the wrong doses.

Living a healthy life is always important, so another mistake that is commonly made is resisting this new mindset for a better lifestyle. Stop cheating on your diet. Quit Smoking. Drink alcohol only in a moderate amount. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise regularly. All of these life changes help you lose weight, breathe more easily, and reduce stress levels. Overall, you will be living a healthier lifestyle, and by doing these things you can also help reduce the pressure on your joints and help your body be more receptive to medications.

Overall, listen to your doctor, family, and friends. Stay healthy and avoid mistakes in order to reduce your joint pain and deal with your diagnosis of arthritis in a more productive way.

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