Symptom Of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is a brain condition that will impair the way that it functions. This disease cause organic damage to the brain and there are no medications that can stop it or cure it for that matter. Once it has occurred in a patient it is virtually impossible to stop. This is a disease that a person will have to live with and understand because it is something that is uncontrollable.

The most common early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are confusion, short-term memory loss, and problems with paying attention, changes in the patient's personality, language difficulties, and unexplained mood swings. These symptoms may not affect all patients in the same way. The stages to the disease are the general progression of the problem.

In the early stages, Alzheimer's patients will tend to loose energy and excitement. Usually no one will notice this. They will show signs of memory loss and mood swings. After a certain point, they will start to shy aware from doing things and talking to people. The patient will become confused and may even get lost easily. They will forget things like their address and other familiar things. It will start to affect the person's job performance.

Stage two and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease will affect the victim's ability to do daily tasks. They will need more assistance with their activities. Sometimes speech and understand become slower and patients will have a hard time remembering what they were going to say. This is the time when they will get lost more easily and forget to do things like paying bills or going to work.

This is the time when the person is starting to become disabled. They will have to have a caregiver that gives them instructions over and over until they are understood. The patient may not recognize family members and familiar faces. They will have a hard time understanding relationships and who a person is.

During the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, this is the most devastating part of the process. Patients will start to loose their memory completely. They will not be able to control their bowel and bladder functions. They will need to have constant care. This is the time when the patient will be more susceptible to pneumonia and infections. They will have respiratory problems and this is when the patient will become stricken to their bed and will eventually pass away from this disease.

It is hard for the loved ones to sit by and watch their family members go through this terrible disease. The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are hard on all, but especially for those that have to take care of the patients and the people that love them the most.

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