National Alzheimer's Disease Month

In the world today there are over 4 million people that suffer from Alzheimer's disease. This is a progressive and dengerative disorder of the brain. It will take a person form their memory and their mental and physical functions that they once could do. There are many everyday people along with many famous people as well that have dealt with this disease.

One president that had to deal with Alzheimer's disease personally believed that the courage of the people that had the disease should be recognized. President Ronald Regan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and that is one of the reasons why there was a national Alzheimer's disease month set in place.

President George Bush made November the national Alzheimer's disease month. This is a month when people are to recognize the patients that are diagnosed with the disease an others that are at risk of getting it as well. This is a way that citizens who are living with the disease and the people that take care of them, are given the applause that they deserve to have.

We also need to recognize the public and scientist, nurses and researchers that are dedicated to finding new and better ways to help patients and to maybe one day find a cure for the disease. Their efforts are what comforts many other people and give hope for the future.

It is important to recognize the courage that all of these people have and the determination that they have to not give up. There are many people who are committed to finding prevention and treatment for Alzheimer's disease. As it stands now, most patients only live eight to ten years after they are diagnosed. As the disease progresses, the patients will need more and more support form their families and caregivers. This is why national Alzheimer's disease month is so important to the country and to the people that are affect by it.

Having a celebration in November each year to give these patients hope and the caregivers and families respect that they deserve. The national Alzheimer's disease month is so important for people to understand and participate in so that there can be a continued growth in the support and work for the cause. Many people are affected by the disease and will be inspirited by the support that they get from the world on this special day.

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