Alzheimer's Disease

We all joke around that we are loosing our memory as a process of getting older. However in some cases it is no joke. There are many people that are dealing with Alzheimer's disease. This is a progressive brain disorder that will slowly destroy the person's memory and ability to learn, think clearly, make judgments, communicate and even carry out daily tasks.

When Alzheimer's disease is progressing, the person may have changes in their personality as well as their behavior. They may be faced with anxiety, suspiciousness, or even madness. Some people may even suffer from delusions or hallucinations. This is a disease that will take control of their life.

The sad fact about Alzheimer's disease is that there is no cure for it. There are new treatments that are being found all the time to help stop the progression of it, but there is no way to stop it. There has been much research into the disease that can improve the quality of life for the people that are diagnosed with it.

Many times the family members and friends of people that are faced with Alzheimer's disease need to have treatment as well. This is a terrible and devastating disease that will take a hard toll on the people that are by standers to it. It is hard to sit by and watch as the person that you love so much change right before your eyes. There are many ways for these people to get the help and support that they need to get through this tough time.

Alzheimer's disease can advance at many different rates. The duration of the illness may often vary from twenty to thirty years. The areas of the brain that will control the memory and thinking skills are affected first. As the disease progresses, the brain cells die in other regions of the brain.

Over a course of time, the person that is affected with Alzheimer's disease will need to have a full range of complete care. At first, they will have to have help for certain things. As the disease gets worse, the person may find that they need help on a daily basis. They will have to have help with the things that they once did on their own.

Eventually the disease may progress even further. This will cause the loss of brain functions and could cause death. The course of this disease is usually a long one. In some of the patients, they will die with the disease, but it will not be the cause of their death. For some of them, they will die from another form of illness.

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