Mind And Body Movement: The Trager Approach

The Trager Approach was developed by Dr. Milton Trager over a lifetime. This technique, which combines therapeutic touch, massage, yoga, meditation, and other kinds of alternative medical practices, has been used effectively by millions to relieve pain and illness. Although Dr. Trager at first had a difficult time starting his medical career and promotion of this technique, an institute was founded in the 1980's especially for this practice, and it now offers certification in The Trager Approach.

The Trager Approach is a gentle and long-lasting type of therapy. Practitioners stress that the results are cumulative-meaning that the more times you see a professional, the better you will feel. The technique involves both mind and body, providing patients with a relaxing kind of treatment. To begin a session, patient and practitioner use a practice called the "hook up" that is similar to meditation. Here, touch is very important, as the professional will use touch and movement of your body to communicate with your physical and mental health needs.

The Trager Approach has two parts. The first part, done at a practitioner's office, is the "table work." Here, you lie on a padded table, similar to what you would do during a massage or acupuncture treatment. You can be fully clothed or partially clothed during table work, depending on your comfort level. The Trager Approach professional will then move your body in a number of natural ways to increase movement and better your health.

The second part of the Trager Approach is called "Mentastics" and can be equated to yoga. You will learn a variety of free-flowing Mentastics movements, which will allow you to explore your body's limits and feel more relaxed. Mentastics is taught in group classes, or you can find a personal coach, much in the same way as someone doing aerobics can search for a personal trainer. Mentastics techniques, once mastered, can then be practiced at home.

Many conditions can be treated with The Trager Approach. Commonly, it is used to treat back pain, stress, diseases causing limited movement, headaches, muscle spasms, depression, sports injuries, and emotional trauma. The Trager Approach can be used to treat both the physical and emotional sides of disease, so it is preferred by those having trouble coping with pain and illness. Your doctor can tell you more about The Trager Approach and direct you to professionals in your area that can teach you the technique.

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