Understanding ADHD

Although this disorder has been researched and studied for over a century, there are still aspects of it that are not understood by the general public. ADHD is a disorder that affects a person's ability to pay attention and focus. This sounds simple enough, but the disorder shows up in people in different ways. Some cases of ADHD involve hyperactivity, some do not. Some people are better at keeping their hyperactivity under control. Also, the general public tends to forget that impulsivity is part of ADHD as well. Impulsivity covers a wide range of behaviors, from verbal blurting to drug abuse. Because the description of symptoms has changed so much over the years, many people were not diagnosed with ADHD until they were adults. With these cases, there are secondary problems that often come with ADHD, such as depression and anxiety.

Some of the main signs of ADHD are not being able to pay attention to the task at hand, lack of follow through, loses things easily, makes careless mistakes, has trouble paying attention to details, difficulties organizing, interrupting others, restlessness and overly active. Not every person has every symptom, and some symptoms are more severe in some people compared to others with the disorder. This is why the disorder can be so difficult to discern. Also, many people have trouble with these things at one time or another. But people with ADHD have such a hard time that it affects them emotionally and developmentally.

It is still not known exactly why people are born with ADHD. It is known that many cases are genetic, but not all. Doctors do know that the way your brain is wired will determine whether you have ADHD or not. People with ADHD have a low level of dopamine in their brains. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that affects focus and attention.

In regards to treating ADHD, I believe there is a real misunderstanding. It is very true that medication helps with the disorder. It helps you focus longer, get things done and evens out emotions as well. But it is by no means a cure all. It is very important to get individual counseling, and possibly family counseling if needed. ADHD can make you feel like the oddball, and it can make adolescence particularly difficult. Get as much help as you can. Most importantly, help yourself. It has been found that regular exercise if very good for the symptoms of ADHD. It stimulates endorphins in the brain and calms the internal restlessness that people with ADHD have. Another thing that is helpful for people with ADHD is meditation practice. Starting off each morning by meditating can be calming for anyone, but particularly for individuals who have trouble focusing and slowing their minds down. Take a few minutes each day and breathe. It costs nothing and it can really affect your life positively.

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