ADHD With Hyperactivity

ADHD with Hyperactivity/Impulsivity is what most people think of when it comes to attention deficit disorder. The sufferer is restless, hyper, impulsive, disorganized, very distractible and has a lot of trouble focusing. These are the children that are bouncing off the walls from an early age, and the children that will have trouble with school and play from the start. The good part of this is they will most likely be diagnosed fairly early on because of the visibility of their symptoms.

Other features of ADHD that come directly from hyperactivity are excessive talking, in constant motion and has much trouble listening. They also need constant stimulation so that they can stay excited themselves. These individuals also tend to interrupt people, not knowing how to wait their turn. This behavior in particular can be very frustrating to others.

Besides hyperactivity, many of the symptoms of inattention are also present. Individuals with ADHD make careless mistakes, tend to lose things and are forgetful about routine and everyday things.

ADHD with hyperactivity usually responds very well to stimulants. Sufferers' brains instantly calm down with enough dopamine. They do not feel the need to have excess activity surrounding them. If you suspect that someone in your life has ADHD, refer them to a mental health professional as soon as you can. The longer a sufferer goes without help or guidance, the more damage it will do to that person's self-esteem and life direction.

Individuals with this type of attention deficit disorder tend to be very impulsive, which in later years can turn to rebellious behavior. These are the teenagers that will look for trouble, will often start taking drugs early and will seek out any kind of stimulation they can. Diagnosis early is essential, but that does not always mean these individuals won't still seek out trouble. The dysregulation of activation levels will always be something the sufferer wants to fix, and unfortunately this can very easily lead to drug abuse and addiction.

Exercise is something that is helpful to all ADDers, but it is essential for individuals with ADHD. Exercise stimulates the whole brain, and it can turn down the volume on all the noise that people with ADHD have. Sufferers with ADHD should be exercising almost every day, the more the better.

Other interventions that will be helpful for people with ADHD are dietary interventions and counseling if necessary. Individuals with ADHD will do best on a mostly protein diet, supplementing with carbohydrates. Protein activates the part of the brain in ADDers that is chronically underactivated. Regarding counseling, this depends on the person. If the disorder was diagnosed at an early age and no problems appear later on, that it may not be needed. But for many, ADD will cause at least some emotional turmoil at some point. Counseling for this will definitely be helpful.

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